SIX Nordic

Partner i det nordiske og globale nettverket for sosial innovasjon. Les mer


SIX Nordic is a network of people working with social innovation in the Nordic region. The network focuses on sharing cases and ideas through yearly events, podcasting, social media and through matchmaking.

World Wide Narrative is Chair of SIX Nordic and the Norwegian country host for the Nordic and the global SIX network. Read about our partners here.

What is SIX Global (Social Innovation Exchange)?

SIX inspires, connects and supports social innovators. We also work with a variety of players to create an environment that helps social innovation to flourish. But what do we mean by social innovation?

Social innovation is the process of designing, developing and growing new ideas that work to meet pressing unmet needs. The term is a relatively new one, but there is a long history of social innovators and examples of social innovation – from kindergartens to hospices, and from the cooperative movement to microfinance.

What is SIX Nordic?

SIX Nordic is a network node of SIX, set up by the country hosts to connect people working with social innovation in the Nordic Region. The core idea is that we can learn from each other’s success as well as failures in our attempt to solve social problems.

SIX Nordic brings people together across borders and sectors: Social innovators, social entrepreneurs, researchers – anyone interested in the field of social innovation.

About Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) from SIX on Vimeo.

What is happening in SIX Nordic?

To have a look at organisations, case studies, projects, articles, blogs and events for and by social innovators in the SIX Nordic region have a look here.

SIX Nordic aims to:

  1. Put social innovation on the Nordic agenda
  2. Inspire across Nordic nations with similar social structures and similar challenges
  3. Challenge and develop methods, concepts, infrastructures etc. around social innovation in the Nordic region

SIX Nordic does this by:

Running an online network to share news, events, knowledge, ideas, innovations and tools

Hosting annual meet-ups across Nordic borders

  • The first meet-up was in Copenhagen on March 18. and 19. 2013 organized by Social + – download your invitation here.
  • The second was during Oslo Innovation Week 14. and 15. of October 2013 organized by World Wide Narrative.
  • The third was in Copenhagen 1. December 2014 hosted by Social +
  • The fourth will be in Helsinki 29. to 30. of September hosted by Sitra. The topic of the event is The Future of Social Innovation