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Wednesday 24th of February: It Only Takes A Village

It Only Takes A Village to raise a child. So how can we be better at looking out for our children who experience violence, sexual abuse and neglect growing up? Grete Vandvik from Save the Children/Redd Barna shares what she learned from the #IAmHere / #JegErHer campaign they ran in 2015.

Morning Impact Coffee: It Only Takes a Village

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016, 8:00 AM

6 Impact Makers Attending

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FOTO: Redd Barna/Luca Kleve-Ruud

Speaking Up About Sexual Abuse

According to Save The Children half of the population knows someone who has been sexually abused. It happens more often, and is more damaging than we dare to think. This is why the campaign was started. To break the silence and to be here for our children. To intervene when we suspect that it is happening with children in our communities.

Several videos were made based on stories from people who have experienced sexual abuse growing up. Grete listened to their stories, and she will share what she learned from listening.

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IC_logo_litenA monthly event at Deichmanske hovedbibliotek / main library where we often talk about topics such as social entrepreneurship, social innovation, collaborative economy, urban development, and more.

Who is it for?

This meetup is for people working in public, private and civic sector who are looking for ways to create impact and work with social innovation.


Merete Grimeland and Therese Byhring from World Wide Narrative, and Chris McCormick and Arne Kringstad.


We meet the last Wednesday of the month for talks about creating impact over a cup of coffee at the library Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek.

How we got started

At the summer party of 2014 Splint, In Good Company, The Social Business Club, and World Wide Narrative sat down and talked good and hard about all the different topics and challenges revolving around their businesses and our field social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Together we decided that we needed a place to meet regularly so that the conversation could keep going. Thus came this meetup group. And more people joined us as they too needed an arena like this.

So now we meet once a month. A morning coffee for early birds.

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Merete Grimeland

Daglig leder og prosjektleder at World Wide Narrative
Jeg har jobbet med digitale fortellinger siden våren 2007, og jeg kommer nok aldri til å stoppe med det. På denne reisen har jeg snart fått møte nesten 460 mennesker som har vært med på å fortelle sine historier. Jeg føler meg veldig privilegert.
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