Impact Coffee Podcast Episode 1: Sarah Prosser and the Social Enterprise World Forum

impactbildThe very first Impact Coffee Podcast has reached the cloudy airwaves! Episode 001 was recorded during the Morning Impact Coffee on August 26. where we had a talk with Sarah Prosser from Partnership for Change. Sarah went to the Social Enterprise World Forum 2015, held in Milan, and shares with us some of the more interesting endeavours being done in the field of Social Enterprise world wide. Chris McCormick is conducting the interview.

This episode can be experienced in its entirety, directly from the player window below. You can also look us up on iTunes (or any podcast service with an iTunes directory search option), subscribe to the podcast, and listen while at the go. Enjoy!

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The Impact Coffee Podcast – Episode 1:

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Morning Impact Coffee: The Future of Social Innovation – Scaling up Successfully

Wednesday, Sep 30, 2015, 8:00 AM

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Arne Kringstad

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Nyhetsbrev fra World Wide Narrative
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